Thursday, December 8, 2011

Huger Games Research Project

Roman Gladiators were very simlar to the Hunger Games. They both fought to the death in an arena.

As I found out there was more than thirty differnt types of gladiators and some of the tributes remind me of them.
One of which is called a Hoplomachi (UNRV) (hoplon means shield in greek)"Gladiator" Reminds me of Thresh because they are both big and like a human tank.
Another is called a Venatore (hunter)(UNRV) and they remind me of  Katniss because the both hunt animals with bows.
A Thrace were named after where they came from and they commonly didn't wear armor(UNRV). If they did then it would only be thigh-length  which would leave them open to cut or gashes on their shins and hind-leg.
 Cato would be a Mirmillione(sea-fish)(UNRV) because they wore a lot of armor and in the games Cato's camp was near water.

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  1. hey man that was cool . and i'd never know that there could be so many gladiators ever since they started

  2. I think it was cool how you showed the names for the types of gladiators and the similarity between them and those tributes

  3. thats really cool that you learned all the types of gladiatords

  4. The picture was strange but overall the story and facts were great I liked how you put the meaning of the name there

  5. well I liked the picture I thought it accuatly showed the armor and weapons also it was the best one that i found

  6. David, This is good. I liked how you made connections with the gladiators to the characters. I did the same thing as you. But good story.